Reports and Resources

Reports and Resources

The American Cancer Society National Consortium for Cancer Screening and Care’s goals are to accelerate, strengthen, and mobilize around sensible but bold, cancer screening and care activities as a collective national response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s detrimental impact. After building consensus, the ACS National Consortium develops reports and other materials focusing on key decisions, recommendations, and other discussion topics. The documents highlight research and appropriate next steps in public policy, research, implementation, data collection, etc., to improve cancer care and screening. When possible, the ACS National Consortium will also include other key resources and materials from the American Cancer Society and other partners that provide critical information regarding cancer screening and care.

Consensus Recommendations Report

Throughout 2021, the ACS National Consortium developed consensus recommendations that inform a national response to the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to its detrimental impact on our progress in cancer screening and care in the US. The recommendations aim to not only accelerate our recovery from the pandemic but also to build resilience and improve the nation's ability to provide quality cancer screening and care for all. These consensus recommendations have been published in a new report, Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Improving Cancer Screening and Care in the US.

2022 ACS Get Screened Impact Report

In 2022, the American Cancer Society continued the Get Screened initiative and its commitment to cancer screening as part of its vision to end cancer as we know it for everyone. This report features highlights from our multipronged efforts to improve access to and uptake of cancer screening. Inside the report, you will find examples of efforts that demonstrate the ACS’s leadership in cancer screening, including activities that span multiple cancers and those that focus on specific cancers.

2021 ACS Get Screened Impact Reports

In February 2021, ACS kicked off a nationwide initiative to respond to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer screening and care. The overarching purpose of the Get Screened initiative (initially called “Return to Screening”) is to encourage individuals to continue seeking appropriate cancer screening and follow-up care even as the extreme adversities and uncertainties of the pandemic loom. ACS released a mid-year and final impact report reflecting on the significant progress and success made across the six building blocks of this multi-faceted, collaborative initiative, including the ACS National Consortium.


Accelerate responses to long-standing and emerging barriers to cancer screening and care. Navigate here to learn about the progress and reports of the Accelerate phase.


Strengthen preparedness, infrastructure, and partnerships to minimize disruptions and address inequities. Navigate here to learn about the progress and reports of the Strengthen phase.


Mobilize around sustained, coordinated commitments to promote cancer screening and care as a public health priority and improve the long-term effectiveness of screening programs. Navigate here to learn about the progress and reports of the Mobilize phase.

Other Resources

Cancer Screening and Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Organizations across the country are joining together to reaffirm their commitment to cancer screening and care and are dedicated to resuming and accelerating their cancer screening efforts. To ensure our progress in cancer control continues, healthcare providers, public health professionals, and community leaders will need to act urgently and collaboratively. The resources below were developed by ACS, outside of the ACS National Consortium, to strengthen your cancer screening initiatives throughout the pandemic and beyond.